Media Release: Ngadjuri Nations Aboriginal Corporation Board Makes History In Burra, South Australia

Media Release: Ngadjuri Nations Aboriginal Corporation Board Makes History In Burra, South Australia

Last week, a historic moment unfolded as the Ngadjuri Nations Aboriginal Corporation Board convened on country in Burra, hosted by the Regional Council of Goyder. The purpose of the meeting was to draft a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two organisations, signalling their commitment to fostering a strong and transparent pathway of communication and inclusiveness.

Gathering along Kooringa, known as 'Burra Creek' and recognised as a significant Ngadjuri cultural site, the proceedings commenced with an Acknowledgement of Country crafted and presented by the prefects of Burra Community School, under the guidance of Principal Bri Ackland. Ngadjuri Chairperson Carlo Sansbury welcomed elected members and other guests, emphasising the importance of the occasion, followed by a moment of silence. A smoking ceremony, conducted with foliage gathered across Ngadjuri country by Arts & Cultural Facilitator and Yankunytjatjara artist Ali Eckermann, further honoured the significance of the event.

Ali Eckermann, employed through a partnership between the Regional Council of Goyder and Country Arts SA, shared her sentiments, describing the gathering as "an emotional achievement fostering new relationships. It was a hugely uplifting moment."

Subsequent discussions centred on Ngadjuri Nation support for the Council's bid for World Heritage Listing of the Cornish Minig Sites: Burra and Moonta, reaffirming ongoing dialogue and collaboration.

David Stevenson, CEO of the Regional Council of Goyder, expressed delight in welcoming the Ngadjuri Nation Aboriginal Corporation Board to Burra and underscored their crucial support for the town's World Heritage Listing bid. He highlighted the significance of their trust and understanding, emphasising their joint commitment to the journey ahead.

Ngadjuri Nation Chairperson, Carlo Sansbury said "It's been a great experience to be invited to meet in Burra. We're really looking forward to the future with the Regional Council of Goyder."

This milestone event marks a significant step forward in the relationship between the Regional Council of Goyder and the Ngadjuri Nation Aboriginal Corporation, setting a precedent for collaborative efforts toward cultural preservation and community engagement.

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