Staff outside the Moonta Mines Workshop. 1890 State Library SA
World Heritage Bid
Burra and Moonta SA is the home of Australian Cornish Copper Mining Sites. Learn more about the World Heritage Bid and the importance of protecting these historical sites and their stories.

About the Bid

The Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta comprise two historic 'Cornish' copper mining landscapes in the Burra and Moonta Mines National Heritage Areas.

On 9 May 2017 the Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta were included in the National Heritage List. As a result the next natural progression is for World Heritage listing.

Miners Illustration Sites And Stories

Sites and Stories

We're collecting insights and stories about Cornish mining in Burra and Moonta, get in touch to share your story.

"The benefits of World Heritage status have a ripple effect. From a community point of view, we have a lot of small towns, it's not just about Burra and Moonta it's about the impact on other small towns in our region and beyond in the Mid North."
Barb Button, Community Development Manager
Regional Council of Goyder