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The Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta World Heritage Bid involves everyone! Find out more about the World Heritage Bid.

UNESCO identify that to ensure the effective management of World Heritage sites that it is essential that there are strong partnerships with communities including our First Nations peoples.

The Consortium will be working collaboratively with the Ngadjuri and Nharangga communities to ensure that their stories are included and acknowledged in the journey of the sites. Their meaningful participation in the process of the nomination and conservation and activation of the sites will ensure transfer of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal heritage in the area.

Engagement with community and interested stakeholders will continue to be a two-way process. The Consortium will provide updates through the website, newsletters and different forms of media throughout the nomination process to ensure an open and transparent process. A number of workshops have already been held in both Burra and Moonta to ensure that knowledge is shared between the Consortium and the community and as a way for the community to have a say in decisions about actions that could affect their lives.

We also want to hear from you in regards to what you see is important to consider with the nomination- your ideas, concerns and especially your stories of connection to the sites. These are all important in demonstrating how important these heritage sites are and the level of commitment to protect, conserve, present and transmit to future generations.

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