Media Release: South Australian Government backs Burra and Moonta World Heritage Bid

Media Release: South Australian Government backs Burra and Moonta World Heritage Bid

The World Heritage nomination of the Australian Cornish Mining Sites- Burra and Moonta has moved one step closer with the South Australian Government committing their support to the proposal.

The Regional Council of Goyder received the much anticipated notification from Deputy Premier Hon Susan Close MP advising that the government was in full support for the Tentative Listing process to commence. Minister Close has now written to the Hon Tanya Plibersek, Minster for Environment and Water to inform the Federal Government of the South Australia governments support and Outstanding Universal Value of the region.

The Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta comprise two historic 'Cornish' copper mining landscapes in the Burra and Moonta Mines National Heritage Areas. The Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta represents the first transfer, in the 1840s, of Cornish mining technology to South Australia. This was accompanied by the migration of miners and their families, especially from 1846 to 1886, which had a profound effect on mining progress and settlement in Australia, New Zealand, and in the wider expansion of the international mining frontier, including North America and South Africa. The Australian sites comprise the fullest, largest and distant transfer of this mining culture, its resilience in Australia, and places where Cornish mining technology, skills and culture are demonstrated to the highest degree in a surviving cultural landscape.

Renowned UK world heritage consultant Mr Barry Gamble will be working with the Regional Council of Goyder, Copper Coast Council and National Trust of South Australia on a joint World Heritage bid of the Cornish Mining sites in Burra and Moonta.

Council's Chief Executive David Stevenson says "the State endorsement puts us one step closer, even though we still have considerable work to do to realise our goal of World Heritage for Burra and Moonta, but little by little we are edging toward inscription."

Mayor Bill Gebhardt describes the State Government support as "a positive outcome, the State Government can see the benefits that will flow to the State and the region through increased tourism, economic growth and continued preservation and conservation of the States history."

The Regional Council of Goyder will now continue communication with the Federal Government to seek support in order to be included in Australia’s Tentative List of World Heritage nominations.

Media contact:

David Stevenson
Chief Executive
Regional Council of Goyder
Ph: 8892 0100

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