Media Release: Burra and Moonta Statement of Outstanding Universal Value officially handed to Deputy Premier Susan Close MP

Media Release: Burra and Moonta Statement of Outstanding Universal Value officially handed to Deputy Premier Susan Close MP

In a significant, and historic moment for the preservation of the region’s heritage the Burra and Moonta Statement of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) was officially handed to Deputy Premier Susan Close MP on June 11th in Adelaide.

Members of the Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta joined Deputy Premier Susan Close MP in Adelaide to officially hand over the Statement of Outstanding Universal Value. A locally led initiative, the Statement of OUV solidifies the significance of the Australian Cornish Mining Sites in Burra and Moonta internationally.

For more than six years, a diverse coalition of key stakeholders, including the Regional Council of Goyder, Copper Coast Council, National Trust SA, esteemed UK-based independent World Heritage consultant Barry Gamble, the Ngadjuri Nation Aboriginal Corporation, and the Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation, have co-designed this document.

Copper Coast Mayor, Roslyn Talbot commented, "We are grateful to the Government of South Australia for championing this bid and advocating for its progression to the tentative list stage via the Commonwealth, who are anticipating its arrival over the coming weeks."

The Statement of OUV serves as a beacon of pride for the region’s collective identity whilst simultaneously offering a promise of conservation, and recognition for future generations.

Mayor Talbot continued, "This endorsement underscores the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and promoting its recognition on a global scale."

This hand over marks an exciting development in the journey towards inscription on the World Heritage List for the Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta. The Statement of OUV will serve as a key catalyst for the SA Government to advocate for its progression towards the tentative list at a Commonwealth level.

“This is a significant moment for the region, and for the National Trust in its pursuit of promoting and educating the community about our State’s unique mining heritage.” Says Paul Leadbeter, President National Trust of South Australia.

From tentative listing, the next two years will see work undertaken on economic impact assessments, regional world heritage tourism planning, and additional reporting to support a dossier that will accompany the World Heritage nomination application.

Important also in this process will be the ongoing strengthening of our relationship with First Nation groups, particularly the Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation and the Nharangga Aboriginal Progress Association, as well as the Ngadjuri Nation Aboriginal Corporation.

"The recognition of the Australian Cornish Mining Sites: Burra and Moonta Statement of Outstanding Universal Value not only honours our past but also opens up exciting opportunities for regional tourism," highlighted Regional Council of Goyder Mayor, Bill Gebhardt.

"Tentative listing will undoubtedly draw visitors from near and far, eager to explore the rich history and cultural significance of these sites. It also complements the efforts to secure World Heritage status for the Flinders Ranges, further enhancing South Australia's appeal as a destination steeped in natural beauty and historical intrigue."

 Both sites have been pro-active in preservation and received funding through the Federal Government’s COVID Relief Fund. Moonta’s project included environmental restoration, recovery, accessibility and interpretation upgrades, with President of National Trust SA, Paul Leadbeter, thanking both the Government of SA and the Commonwealth for their support,

“This funding has allowed greater accessibility on the site, an ability for storytelling and most importantly preserving sites for future generations to enjoy.”

Achieving World Heritage status will be transformative for the region, not only from a tourism and economic development point of view, but from a cultural perspective, allowing Burra and Moonta to create a showcase for the world’s foremost example of transferred Cornish mining technology, skills, and culture.


Holly Cowan
Community Engagement Coordinator
Copper Coast Council
Ph: 8828 1200

Barb Button
Community Development Manager
Regional Council of Goyder
Ph: 8892 0100

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