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Welcome to Burra, where history echoes through the preserved township and its surroundings. In 1845, near the Burra Burra Creek, two shepherds, William Streair and Thomas Pickett, stumbled upon a discovery that would forever alter the region's history: copper. This find ignited a mining boom, propelling Burra to prominence as a powerhouse of copper production and establishing it as a town steeped in history, with tales of resilience, ingenuity, and cultural exchange.

Located just a short two-hour drive from Adelaide and a mere 30 minutes from the renowned Clare Valley wine region, and the gateway to the Flinders Ranges, visitors are transported into a world where the echoes of pickaxes and the clinking of copper from the Cornish miners resonate through the streets.

At the heart of the town lies the Visitor Information Centre, which offers the truly unique 'Burra Heritage Passport' experience. Upon arrival, visitors can collect their passport keys and embark on a self-paced and guided journey through 11 meticulously preserved historical sites scattered throughout Burra and its surroundings.

Burra Heritage Passport

The town of Burra is rich with Cornish mining history and you can unlock the secrets of Burra's Heritage with the unique Passport Key. The Burra Heritage Passport provides first-class access to all these intriguing heritage sites and more!

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The Burra Heritage Passport sites unveil the town's mining heritage, guiding visitors from the water-filled open-cut mine to the preserved mining buildings and the iconic pump engine house, now a captivating museum. Along the Heritage Passport trail, explorers discover landmarks like the old Redruth Gaol, miners' dugout cottages by Burra Creek, and the Paxton Miners' Cottages, dating back to 1850 and refurbished for comfortable accommodation. Even the 800 meters of underground cellars of the Unicorn Brewery offer insight into Burra's past, weaving a rich tapestry of history and heritage for visitors to explore.

Burra's significance extends to listings on the State and National Heritage Register. Each building and street corner carries tales of resilience, craftsmanship, and the enduring spirit of a community shaped by the perseverance of its Cornish forebears.

With its World Heritage bid, Burra aims not only to protect its tangible heritage but also to honour the legacy of those who established a new Cornish community far from their homeland.

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